Mineral prospectivity mapping in GIS using fuzzy logic integration in Khondab area, western Markazi province, Iran

Document Type : research


Khondab area is located in western Markazi province, within the Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone. The zone has been previously known to be associated with Pb, Zn, Cu, Fe, Ba and Si elements. The current study is carried out to identify new promising targets for regional exploration. Multiple data sources (e.g., magnetic surveys, faults, geological and satellite data) are processed and then integrated by using Fuzzy Logic modelling to produce a final prospectivity map for regional exploration of MVT deposits in the Khondab area. Finally, resulted prospectivity map is validated by analyzing field derived samples collected over revealed promising zones of the study area and ore-microscopic studies of the collected samples also confirmed MVT mineralization.Validation process indicates that Cretaceous limestone units are in high correlation with MVT mineralization in this area. Based on priority rating of exploration targets, the eastern and the south-eastern parts of the study area are the most promising parts for further exploration of MVT deposits.