Investigation geophysical by Magnetometry and Modeling Iron Ore desposit Bijar Kurdestan province

Document Type: research


Iron ore deposit Bijar area is located in east north in Kordestan province based of field observation, ore minerals are magnetite, magnetite-martitite and magnetite-pyrite. No. 922 points on the 16 profiles were collected over about 7500 meters in the area. Magnetometers treatment of advanced devices and new GSM-19T is made in Canada. The data were corrected and the magnetic field intensity map was prepared.The remaining amount was calculated regional field and deposit modeling was performed using reverse Euler and accordingly, in this area a mass burial was diagnosed with high magnetism. Due to the intensity of the magnetic field taken, This mass has a high content of metals and minerals are similar and based on geophysical data, location drilling boreholes, to deposit at least depth, have been proposed.